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Almost due south of Exeter, and south west of Veldrinshaar, the city of Dyar'Turic homes many of the converts to the Drow way.

Noted for having a higher population of non-Drow compared to any other underdark city, Dyar'Turic has an almost cosmopolitan air about it. Ruled over with an iron fist by House Rea'Morda, the non-Drow are kept firmly in their place, yet many of their ways slowly seep into Drow society.

Though there are many that see this as a bad thing, but it has its advantages; many inventors settle in Dyar'Turic and it has guild houses and workshops where people manufacture all manner of strange devices. The colleges in the city are noted for producing a higher than average number of excellent students and overall the population is better educated, trained and kempt.

Whether the Drow feel the need to assert their superiority over the other races more forcefully, or the nature of the city itself is responsible, who can say? However, do not take this as a 'soft' city, death awaits those foolish enough to travel into the wrong area, and a misspoken word will still see you executed by an angry priestess.

The city is noted for having only an average number of temples, but a much higher than average number favouring Lolth. Worship of the dark queen is prominent and public, and follows of other ancestors are likely to be troubled by the temple guards, the army and the general populous.

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