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Deaths Gate lies close to the surface of Norsca and recent breaks in the Caverns have made it susceptible to the harsh cold of the surface. Recent visits reports that much of the land is buried under a white power known to the surface types as "snow".


The city itself is one of the smaller cities to be found in the Underdark, despite the defences suggesting the city was once much larger. The buildings found within are also built and protected in the same way as the Norscan surface types, partly due to the natural influence of the region, but primarily to offer the protection from the elements that the region has become exposed to.


The city also boasts a ritual circle aligned to Theology. This is a peculiar alignment as the one and only temple found in the area lies close to the circle and is the ruins of a temple to a long forgotten ancestor.  The circle itself lies a little over a mile from the main city, in an area that is directly exposed to the surface.


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