Welcome to the Tarantula Faction

 Sketch by [url=http://thesketchbookofanders.blogspot.co.uk/]Anders Willhelm[/url]

Welcome to the new website for the Tarantula Faction. The move to this new website is to allow us to offer a dedicated and private forum, as well as a resource for players providing some background and information about the faction and even game in general.


The Tarantula Faction exists as part of the Lorien Trust LRP System. The Tarantula faction is just one of many factions (or nations) that exist as part of this game world.


Each faction is unique and has its own values and ideals, culture and history (Over 20 years of it!). This website is set up to help you get a feel for who this faction is, what we stand for, and gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to members of the faction and get a feeling for how you could fit into faction and the game world at large.


On this website you will find a number of pages with information to about the faction and history, some notes on roleplaying with the faction as well as our forums which are open to all. You may well find that your question has been asked before and may find an answer on the forums already.