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Known to most as Stormspike, the city of Nakkiga, as the Norns know it, lies under the mountain of the same name in the Northern Wastes. One of the shallowest cities in all of the Underdark, it nevertheless lies under as much rock as any other city thanks to the dizzying heights of the mountain above.

Riddled with icy caverns, torturous passages and deadly chasms, the city is one of the most inhospitable locations in the Underdark, no doubt something that only increases the resolve of its inhabitants. Populated by the Norns and several houses of unliving, Nakkiga is a harsh and cruel place. Most streets end in a slave pit, where unfortunates swing in their cages, their naked bodies ravaged by the ever chilled winds that saw through the city. At every major intersection in the city there lies a public square for the entertainment of the denizens, a whipping pillory, a rack and numerous other instruments of torture and death.


There are a few Drow living here, and even a small clan of Humans, the Black Rimmersmen, but most people shun the city and it's air of unquenchable evil. Stories abound of strange folk travelling secret ways under the city, but few will talk openly of such rumour, for fear of who might be listening.


The city relies on trade of ice-opals, mined in the caverns to the north of the city by armies of slaves, although with the large number of unliving and 'other' inhabitants, the lack of food grown nearby is not normally a problem.

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