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The information contained in this article is the result of research done by players from within the Game World. The contents are only as factual as the original author intended and should not be unduly modified.

Troops of the yellow sign sowed carnage across the market place at the first moot of 1109 in what appears to be a first attack against the wider nations of the heartlands. With the notable exception of a fleshcrafter, who fell in an attempted assault on the Paladins of Lolth in the guild tent area and caused wide spread destruction in the alchemists guild when his corpse exploded into shards of bone, the yellow sign's campaign has been solely targeted against the Tarantulas.

Perhaps, it was the death of his general and original host Lyander at the hands of a multi-national war party at the recent consecration of the new Incantor's guild headquarters near the Underdark city of Dyer'Turic, which has finally focused the attention of the yellow sign on the surface nations.


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