There are many Clans, Houses and other groups who call the Underdark their home, from all walks of life and of all races and creeds. Here we list those who currently serve the Faction, and those who have served in the past. 

Unfortunately detailed information about the houses and the holdings of the Tarantula Faction is restricted to members of the faction.

There will be many names not listed here. If you have information on a house here or one that has been missed, contact the Library Staff who will update the records.

House Elendar
[url=]House Maelthra[/url]


[url=]House Rea'Morda[/url]
[url=]House Karrash-Morr[/url]
[url=]House Mlezzir[/url]
[url=]The Wolverines[/url]


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