The aspect known as Lolth is the best known to our people, in fact many do not realise that Lolth is but one aspect of our glorious queen. Lolth is responsible for how our society operates; she is the authority through which the priestesses rule. The many supplications and prayers of the faithful continue to strengthen this aspect and assure her domination over the others. Many would believe that veneration of the other aspects is worthless and that faith in Lolth is all that matters, these people are fools. Lolth is but one part of a greater whole, the whole must be sustained or the whole withers along with this aspect.

Lolth is the most active of the aspects and as such has many avatars and servants upon our world at any onetime. Her hands rove the underdark carrying out her will regardless of consequence. Sometimes she takes a more subtle approach and will send visions and dreams to the faithful. Her priestesses commune with her often and are fanatical in their faith to her. Lolth expects complete and utter obedience in her people and can change those orders on a whim.

As we know all too well Lolth is cruel and capricious, she delights in acts of great evil and viciousness carried out by her followers. Lolth can bestow great gifts and power upon her chosen, and she delights in removing those gifts when they are needed most or when she feels the follower should be tested. Lolth expects constant sacrifices to be made to her. She is particularly partial to powerful members of our own race. The elves of the surface come a close second and any sentient race will do. Lolth expects complete submission in prayer and constant offerings, those who ask for aid are likely to be punished for their impudence. A true follower of the way of Lolth asks for nothing, she takes it and then offers thanks to the queen.

Lolth expects her chosen to rule by fear. Non believers are to be converted or destroyed. The weak should be weeded out so as only the strong survive to serve her. Any who question her will should be sacrificed to our queen, as should any who aid the enemies of her chosen people.

Lolth tests her followers often and these tests increase in difficulty as her followers gain in power, often you will not know you are been tested or what is required to pass the test. Thus is the nature of Lolth.

Lolth is the dark mother of the drow, amongst all of the dark elven people, the drow are her people. For any drow to walk apart from Lolth is to be condemned to death. However be ever vigilant, for those who follow her dictates blindly will find a swift and painful death from this fickle, whimsical and chaotic aspect.

When Satuun stabs Lothiriel, she thwarts him by creating the planes of the ancestors with her wish from the Dragon. As time goes on, the influence of Satuun causes the elven queen to corrupt, and as a result new consciousnesses are born. These are referred to as the aspects of Lolth.


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