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Followers of Vhaerun are secretive by nature and necessity. Information about Vhaerun and his followers is often hard to come by

VhaerunVhaerun is the ancestor of thievery and the furthering of Drow power on the surface world. He is also the patron deity of Drow males, teaching a heresy (according to Lolth) that Drow males are the equals of Drow females. He favors underhanded means and treachery to achieve his goals. His priesthood is exclusively male, and priests usually hide their true vocation in Drow communities. Vhaerun is passively opposed to Lolth. He knows he is not powerful enough to oppose her directly... yet.

Vhaerun wishes to re-unite the elven people and to this end sometimes his followers work alongside Eilistraee's. He considers all elves to be superior to all other races, however, and wishes only to have elves dominate all other races. Vhaerun's loyalty is to all elves, but unlike Eilistraee, he primarily wants the Drow to be the dominant race. He would like to see the surface elves serving as the enforcers of the "true masters", the Drow, who would rule from the depths of the earth.

If Vhaerun appears, he is always clad in leather armour and an over-rove and has hair and eyes that change colour with his emotional state (red when angry, blue when amused, gold when triumphant, etc.)

Vhaerun Riklaurin was the leader of Clan Riklaurin of the Miyeritari

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