The city of Telantiwar was founded at the beginning of the Second Age. It was the centre of power for the Dark Elves, and home to the new clan council made up the remaining dark elven clans. 

For an entire age, Telantiwar stood as the centre of dark elven interested and had become the throne of the great dark elven empire. However, after two ages, near 4000 years, almost all of the first born elves had succumbed to old age, as had many of the gazed - the only ones who truly remembered Erdreja's needs. Without their influence many of the bonds between, and even within, the clans began to fall apart and soon friends, cousins, and eventually even sibling's were all fighting each other for control. 

In an attempt to maintain some form of order, the clan's were restructured and many new noble houses were recognised. Squabbles for power subsided for time as their thirst for power was sated. But the cost of this peace had led to Telantiwar being purely the seat of power. No house, no clan could lay claim to the city, or host their forces within. 

This peace lasted only a few years. Minor fights and grudges had continued, the Paladin Order of Lolth had been preparing for war, all the whilst enforcing new edicts that there was only one Ancestor. It didn't take long for this edict to become a do-or-die choice. When the swords began to fall, the death knell for Telantiwar had sounded.

Whilst the city stood, for several generations yet, no Empress held the throne for long. Whilst the Paladin Order was still sworn to the throne of Telantiwar, they offered ever less service to the Empress, as their doctrine of One Ancestor led them on ever longer crusades. Without that protection, many houses warred over the throne of Telantiwar, and soon the city was a ruined shell of its former glory.

In a bid to end the conflict, the ritual circle was detonated, and has remained inactive ever since. 

Some time later, the city was magically sealed to protect what remained of Telantiwar's legacy, and the many magical artefacts that were housed within and had been assumed to have survived the detonation of the ritual circle.

To this day the city is sealed, and it's secrets hidden from the Tarantula Faction, guarded for eternity by the Baelnorn

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