An Ancestor is any figure, being or even symbol that has existed upon Erdreja. The faith, worship and belief given to them allows them to continue to exist on the Ancestral plane, a subsection of the plan of death. This plane is protected from the usual cycle of life and death, and an Ancestor can potentially exist forever.

The faith and worship give to them, affects their own power within the plane, and this same power can be granted to Incantors, allowing them the ability to generate some unique abilities that are not found within other spheres of casting.

The Ancestors of the Underdark

For the Tarantulas, and all creatures of the Underdark, the Ancestors are an integral part of our history. Known as the Dark Elven Pantheon, it is led by Lolth and is supported by each of the 13 clans that swore their allegiance to Lothiriel’s memory.

The First Ancestor & The First Incantation

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Ancestors are very particular to an individual, and whilst stories and beliefs vary, its is an established fact that Lothiriel, now called Lolth, was the first ever Ancestor and it is the belief of her followers across the whole of Erdreja that enabled her to remain amongst us and guide her followers through the darkest of time, allowing others to lay claim to the title of Ancestor also.

Satuun's slaying of Lothiriel resulted to centuries of mourning, led by Larethian, her husband. When challenged by another line of Elves to end the reverie, Lord Larethian called upon his late-wife's name and struck the other elves down with a powerful magic the likes of which had never been seen, and Incantations were born.


Incantations Death & Rebirth

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During the Race Wars the Younger races created an instrument known as the Mordred Device as a weapon against the Elder races that meant that the surfaces link to the Ancestral Plane was severed, however, protected as they were beneath the miles of rock in the Underdark, the Drow were able to re-establish the ancestral link in 1095AF by destroying the accursed weapon of the Younger Races.


Ancestral Servants & Paladins

There are two types of servant to an Ancestor that exist upon the ancestral plane. An Archon is a creature sworn to the service of their Ancestor. They are an Ancestors primary means of interacting with the mortal planes, and will often have abilities and power reflecting the nature of their Ancestor. The second is the Avatar, this is a direct image of the Ancestor. The huge power it takes to create this being means they have a limited lifespan upon Erdreja, but allow an Ancestor to directly interact with the mortal planes.

Then there is the Paladin. Paladins are a sworn servant of their Ancestor, however they are mortal creatures. Their dedication and devotion to their Ancestor has granted them a number of boons, not least of which is that upon death their ancestor will claim their pattern, and they will serve as an archon upon the ancestral plane. A paladin will typically be a toughened warrior priest, standing to protect the faithful. Few are as feared in battle as the Paladin.

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