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The city of Sunder Falls itself sits atop a cliff edge, the wide river leading from the Inland Sea carving its way through the centre of the city until it reaches the cliff edge creating a grand waterfall. The cliff face itself is largely made of Obsidian, the darkness that follows makes the waterfall seem to continue to the very heart of Erdreja.

The cavern that houses the city is not the tallest, many of the buildings are low lying and grand palaces and temples are simply impossible to build on such scale. So the inhabitants built into the rock itself. The temple and palace are held in one complex that winds its way down into the face of the waterfall. Carvings in the rock face make for windows looking out through the very heart of the waterfall. The nature of this work makes it very defendable, with only a few entrances through the rock and the waterfall protecting them from the outside their little palace has stood up against many sieging armies.

Within the city itself are several Guild Houses - a legacy started by Momosan Kage, whom constructed a House for each Guild of the Heartlands.

Of particular note is the Armourers Guild House, which serves as a secure research facility for the Master Artisans more exotic, and dangerous, experiments. Unusually, for an Armourers Guild House, this building also contains a fully functioning alchemical laboratory, and features reinforced walls and additional support structures, as well as strategically placed ventilation ducts.

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