Drow are classified as a younger race, and is the name given to any type of roleplayed dark-elf within Lorien Trust.

Whilst the Drow of Lorien Trust borrow from the history and play styles seen in a number of roleplaying games and novels, within the Lorien Trust they have had over 20 years to grow and evolve into a unique entity. So whilst those sort of sources can be used for inspiration, be conscious that there will likely be many areas where things have differed within the Lorien Trust.

Drow traditionally have a rather stand out image. Typically played with full black face makeup, white hair, and pointed ears. However, there is no minimum costume or makeup requirments to play a Drow within the Lorien Trust.

Since the Drow live in some of the most inhospitable portions of Erdreja, they are by nature pragmatists. This is often interpreted as being cold and callous, but is usually born of having to make life and death decisions as part of daily life.

Drow are a matriarchal society, almost exclussively led by a queen. The society is also fuedal in nature, each city/region will be ruled by the most dominant household, led by their own minor queen (often referred to as Il'haress), with each of these swearing loyalty and service to the Val'sharess. They are however largely free to govern their territory as they see fit, but any intervention from the Val'sharess is carried out with absolute loyalty.

The Drow are the younger race of the Dark Elves.


During a ritual attempt to the Sundered Elves from the Radiation of the Underdark, Lolthiriel offered them a gift. Many see it as a curse as the knowledge was given to her by Satuun, but the result was a transformation. From Dark elf, to a new younger race. The Drow. By becoming a younger race they were immune to the effects of the underdark, and whilst they still aged their elven heritage gave them extensive life spans, allowing them to survive hundreds - even thousands of years.


However undertaking the ritual was not chosen by all. Many did not want to abandon their heritage and so chose the slow ageing, and eventual death that comes with mortality.


At the end of the race wars the younger races performed powerful rituals to destroy all knowledge of incantation. However the depths of the Underdark protected the Drow, saving Incantation, protecting it for the many years until their eventual resurface and joining in the Gathering Charter.


Elemental Specifics

The pattern of the Drow is tied to the Existence elements and their main association is the Dermis of the Outer Weave. Their racial affinity is to the Fate element, which ties them into the Famine Cadre. Their elemental mineral is Emerald, which can earth forged into Peridot.

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