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Located approximately half a mile beneath the City of York, Guallidurth is one of the best known Drow cities in the Underdark. Situated in one of the largest caverns seen to date, it stretches for nearly a mile in a sprawling limestone cavern, punctuated with craggy pillars, stalactites and stalagmites. Houses are carved out of the limestone in an almost random pattern with sweeping archways, walkways and coursing water dividing the area into a warren of passageways and districts. Formerly the capital city of the Drow nation during the ascension of Val'Sharess Aurashnee Naxos D'Fey, it was home to many diplomatic buildings and the apparatus of government. None of this takes away from the fact that the one thing Guallidurth is really famous for is its temples. It is almost impossible to find a street or road without at least two temples, and often there are many more. Most houses are within a stones throw of at least a shrine, a bow shot of a major temple and line of sight to what could only be described as a cathedral level structure.


Being situated in this enormous cave allows the army stationed there some unique opportunities. Here more than anywhere else in the Underdark you will find archers training with the bow rather than the crossbow as the mighty vaulted ceiling allows for longer ranged shooting, something this it is not possible to practice elsewhere. The limestone in the cave allows for easy climbing and practice, and it is here that many of the Drow warriors learn their climbing skills and practice the art of movement without leaving a trace.

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