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Under the western shores of Teutonia, Trentarus was once a typical Underdark city. In modern times, much work has been done to shore up the cities defences and new stone ramparts and fortifications were raised under the direction of Shadow and Claw, the once-leading house. The city has been expanded and new barracks have been constructed, the rulers of the city obviously hoping that it will become permanently garrisoned considering the ease of access by D'Brassik forces a decade before.


Unbeknown to its former inhabitants though, the city was also the ancient home to House Kenefin, known as the 'Daemonfae'. This powerful house of daemons and daemonic-drow hybrids were sealed away by powerful ritual magics as punishment for their uprising and sacking of half of the drow empire during the second age, including the destruction of Faerethrond, the City of Souls. Unable to escape their prison, they have learned to use their daemonic power to influence the cities free inhabitants since the departure of their masters in Shadow and Claw, and have begun to seek out ways to escape their captivity.


Located at the south east of the empire, first in line to the new watery tunnels leading towards the Great Rift, the city lies just to the south of a major waterway and this route is navigable almost to the Cave of Whispers, forming a high speed travel route to those not able to use transport circles. Unfortunately for the city, this river is brackish and does not support life well, and as such is almost devoid of fish, though no one in the city knows why. Scouts have followed the river upstream but have been unable to follow the river through all it's underground routes and paths to find the source of the pollution.


The lands to the west and east of the city are however fertile and large herds of Rothe are cultivated, along with many differing staple crops, and the city has more than enough food for itself. Home to a number of significant temples, a number of craftsmen and all the other sundry services found in a city of this size, Trentarus is a viable and well balanced home to thousands of Drow, blissfully unaware of the incarcerated infernals within.

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