An ancient city abandoned many years ago after a protracted siege, the recent events have seen a flood of refugees heading back to the crumbled streets and broken homes.

Located under central Cymrja, Zaphress was once a teeming city full of life (and death) and just as much a home as any other Underdark city. Broken when fighting between great houses led to open conflict in the streets of an unusually vicious nature the majority of the population fled the conflict, leaving those that remained with no support infrastructure. Never fully desolate, the city nevertheless became somewhat of a ghost city, strange noises echoing down empty streets and debris shifting in the endless chilled air.

Now as a result of the destruction of many of the southern cities, new life returns to the city, claiming buildings, streets and temples for their houses and working to bring the city back from the dead. Amongst these new tenants are a large contingent of beastkin. Whilst the "pack rule" they have begun enforcing on the city run contrary to many of the traditions the residents are used to, most are content that they are offering a measure of protection and control. 

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