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Uzzi city is located under the centre of Albion. It is at a moderate depth, perhaps half a mile below the green rolling fields and tea drinkers, set in a series of natural hollows.


The rock around Uzzi is a flaky shale-like substance, and is noted for its softness as a consequence cave-ins and rock movements are common in the city. The residents of Uzzi city have learnt to adapt to this by building pitched roofs on their buildings, sharply slanted eves designed to shed fallen debris. Most people wear hard beaten helmets around their homes, and whilst going about their business, to protect them from the rain of debris. The constant fall of flakes and shards of rock is caused by the rock-maggots that infest the area,“ small burrowing creatures that munch their way through the rock leaving behind a maze of small fissures no bigger than a man'€™s wrist. Coating these fissures are the secretions of the maggots, a soft gossamer-like material that is highly prized for spinning and weaving.


The maggots themselves have a number of alchemical properties and if caught whilst still young and cooked correctly are a delicacy. Hunting parties spend days working their way carefully across outcroppings, crevices and sheer faces hunting these creatures and their dwellings, forming one of the main cash crops of the area.


Uzzi city also has many forges and foundries, and takes in most of the ore mined to the south of Albion. The forges are noted for producing good quality steel, a result of pure ore and trace materials found in the rock structure around the city. The city is also noted for producing a number of high quality gems, again found commonly by following the twisting paths of the maggots as they consume the rock and make the bowl around Uzzi city ever larger.

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