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Located just a few days travel south of the great lava lake, Tol Galen nestles in a series of basalt chasms deep under Teutonia. The city is a hot and arid place, little like the other Underdark cities. The great sea of molten lava heats the air and dries the rock, forming a climate similar to that found way to the south. The city is built out of volcanic rock, hewn into blocks dragged by teams of Roth from the sea, giving the city a dark and brooding look. The rough surface of the blocks seems to swallow light and the city is a dark and gloomy place, the torch light illuminating the dark grey buildings only with effort and forming countless shadows.


The temperature here allows farmers to grow different crops, producing some of the more succulent fruits and rarer grains, a fact that traders take much advantage off. Many of the exports from Tol Galen make their way to the high tables of the great houses and providing a feast of succulent food and drink is a way of proving the status of the house. Also known for producing a number of heady vintages, Tol Galen caters for the upper end of the market, relying on other cities to provide it with staples.


Tol Galen also produces a small amount of mineral wealth, through recovering this is always a difficult and risky proposition. A number of mines have been destroyed by digging to deep or to quickly and exposing a stream of lava which quickly destroys men and equipment alike before it cools enough to clog the opening created.


Workers from the city have had to craft an aqueduct to carry water from the river to the transport circle, where it is used to cool the lava flow and stop and the transport circle from being swept away.

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