Norns are classified as Drow (and as such a Younger Race
Norns are typically white skinned, with pointed ears. 
Magecraft and unliving are common amongst Norns.

The Norn are a variant of Dark Elves, and are exclusively descended of Clan Mistrivven - or more precisely - House Cruentatus.

Following the death of Dracos, his daughter Queen Uttuku outlawed the use of the name Ineluki, as well as consolidating all the Mistrivven clans to House Cruentatus. In doing so, she summoned all the survivors to the Fortress of Nakkiga. It was in this cold and desolate wasteland that these Dark Elves were twisted both by their hatred and anger, as well the harsh environment to become something different; It is here that they became the Ice Elves known as Norns. It should be noted that there are another branch of Ice Elves, however Norns are unique for their motives.



The appearance of the Norn is perhaps the first thing that will catch your attention. Whilst most Elves are pale skinned, the Norn are truly something else. Years of exposure to the harshness of the Northern Wastes has almost frozen their skin. 

Norns will typically have the pointed ears common to most elves, although often smaller than their surface based cousins. Their skin however is ghostly white and cold to the touch. It is not uncommon for Norns to be appear as though Unliving.



Few people will tell you pleasant tales of their dealings with the Norns. The few you will be permitted to interact with will seem secretive and cagey, as though they are always hiding something.

Yet the experienced will tell you that what they are truly hiding is a burning hatred. There is nothing but rage and hate at the heart of every Norn, an ideology that is taught at birth, in honour of the clans founder Dracos. The Norns that leave the safety of Nakkiga have undergone years of conditioning to allow them to tolerate outsiders, some can even appear to be pleasant - when the desire strikes them.



Norns will stay within a collective, it is very unusual to see a Norn outside of the Fortress of Nakkiga. This is not out of some love of family, or fear of the outside world, so much as a shared hatred and desire to destroy all they come into contact with.

Within Nakkiga, Queen Uttuku is able to keep them in check and ensure that they do not succumb to blind violence, and that their rage is appropriately shaped and utilised.

Norns will often be known to provide guests a warm welcome. Literally. With fire and/or poison. Unless you have pressing concerns, or prior invitation, visiting any habitation of a Norn is not advised.



Whilst their heritage is well documented, the Norn are a secretive race, and little is known about their journey from Telantiwar to the escape the blight. 

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