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This city lies under Norsca, though far to the south of Nakkiga. It lies between two mighty underground rivers, each of which has been worked over the centuries, diverting some small part of their flow into canals and channels through the city itself. Clean water is never in shortage here, and the city also benefits from thousands of water wheels, pumps, screws and other technological devices.

A spin off from this fascination with engineering and intricate devices is the output from the College of Death. Here many of the most fearsome devices used by the Tarantulan military have their origins, such as the Lady-reaper 58 shot crew served crossbow, a mighty block device mounted on a small carriage that can pepper a shield wall with deadly bolts at up to 80 paces.

The city has the normal preponderance of temples, fortified houses, martial squares and multi-level passages and twisting corridors as any other Drow city, but majority of the walls here have been worked by artisans over hundreds of years, with most walls having a mosaic of tiny tiles laid on them, showing scenes of death, war, destruction and famine. These friezes are incredibly detailed and are to be found in nearly every area of the city. The houses often have them commissioned to tell of their glorious exploits and they are well maintained and cleaned; anyone found defacing them is punished harshly, and it is not unknown for the great houses to demand the death of anyone found defacing their history.

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