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SelvetarmSelvetarm is the champion of Araushnee and the patron of Drow warriors. Seen as the embodiment of unequaled fighting prowess, Selvetarm is worshiped by a few Drow in the northern and western reaches of the Underdark beneath Erdreja, particularly Deep Drow House Ki'Net'Innis and House D'Brassik.

Cruel and malicious by nature, Selvetarm cares only for battle and destruction. The Champion of Lolth harbors a deep hatred for all living things, including his dominating mistress, and the only beauty he can appreciate is a well-honed and deadly fighting style. Selvetarm can exhibit a great deal of patience while waiting for prey to fall into an ambush he has set, but he prefers the wild abandon of battle frenzy to a careful and deliberate attack.

Selvetarm appears as a Drow Warrior with highly ornate armour and weapons of his choosing.

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