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Located to the West of Maermyn, the city is one of the shallower cities in the Underdark, nestled into the base of the cliffs north east of Exeter. Numerous hidden passageways and torturous routes exist around the city, and it was used as a staging post for raids into Albion in years gone by. Also benefiting from fertile land, the close proximity of transport circles to the caverns reaching scores of miles around the fortified city allow for easy transport of foodstuffs all around the nation. Fungi, mushrooms, lichens of all sorts and livestock are raised and processed, and the city has a large trade quarter. Mercantile families control the local council and the Bank of Erdreja has several interests here. The city is fortified against raid from both outside and from within – the enormous vaults and strong rooms hold much wealth as a result of the trade amongst the local cities and those lands above, and are often a target for raids and in-fighting, although this has slackened off greatly in the recent years.


Further increasing the wealth of the area are the deep mines, following almost vertical seams of iron that plunge far into the earth. Captured slaves from aboveground navies often find their way here where the skills with rope and wood are put to different use, building the sprawling platforms that cling to the sides of the caverns whilst miners chip away at the iron ore. The local area is not noted for either coal or wood, so the ore is mostly shipped to Uzzi city for processing at the great foundries.


Veldrinshaar was home to House Gereshen, and was the former capital of the Underdark nation.

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