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Lying about a weeks travel north east of Guallidurth, Zommarand is a mid size city built along the course of a long dead riverbed. Centuries of erosion have lead to a smooth, undulating terrain through most of the city, quite at odds with the normal state of affairs for Underdark cities. As a result moss, algae and other plants grow in abundance here, still fed by the numerous springs that once contributed to the rivers flow. Now the rolling blankets of plant life form the staple food for huge herds of Roth, the livestock that provides fresh meat for most of the Underdark denizens. A great deal of the output from the city makes it's way to Guallidurth and Olath Z'Ress, cities that rely on the workers at Zommarand for their continued survival.


The city is split into two great levels, divided by what was once a series of waterfalls nearly 400 feet high. Now that the water is gone, workers have hewn the stones and created an enormous temple the full height of the falls, stretching back hundreds of feet into the cavern behind. A marvel of engineering, the acoustics in the main chamber allow a single acolyte's voice to be heard by hundreds of people as though they were standing only a pace away from them.


The Zommarand forces patrol particularly heavily to the south east of the city, guarding the trade way and ensuring that supplies make it to Guallidurth and that the returning trade goods make it back to the city. Along with the standing forces ensuring the safety of the farmers and their herds, Zommarand is one of the safest spaces in the Underdark; although it is still not to be taken lightly.

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