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Located deep in the rocks below Lundy, just off the shore of Albion, Maermyn follows the traditional drow construction methods. The city is built on tiers, butted up against the solid granite roots of the Albion coast. Following natural fault lines created thousands of years ago, the city winds along the junction of several natural grottos and caverns. It is suspected that Lundy was thrust up to the surface by volcanic movement in a bygone age as the area surrounding the city is riddled with caverns like bubbles in a sponge. The soil around the area is very fertile and Maermyn is one of the cities in the underdark that generates a large food surplus. Farming houses are politically strong in the city, with large houses having hundreds of clans of farming families and their slaves working under them, normally each being responsible for one of the pockets of land surrounding the cities.


The city is also known for the strange harmonics that are heard twice a day. The tidal flow of the ocean above, filling and emptying caves hundreds of yards above form enormous musical chambers, with the crashing of the waves driving air in and our over rocks worn down by the eons. The haunting siren song drives visitors insane as it reaches a crescendo, and it is easy to tell the locals from those just passing through by who can sleep through the keening noises that rebound through the city at high and low tides.

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