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Rivenrock can be found under Southern Cymria, and sits on one of the few rivers that link the Inland Sea with the Glimmersea. Combined with large trade routes linking it to the Grand Bizarre, and a number of nearby tunnels into Cymria the city boasts some excellent trade links.


The city was once known for its mines and skilled artisans. However in recent years the known mines have run dry and the noble houses that call Rivenrock home have taken advantage of the connections across the Underdark and into Cymria, bringing many luxuries from the surface and into the hands of the more deserving citizens of the Underdark. Whilst they can't compete with trading centres such as Tol Galen or The Grand Bizarre, they manage to bring in rare and exotic luxuries that are ordinarily hard to find and distribute easily.


An oddity of Rivenrock is the city is littered with numerous Shrines and Temples, many in a poor state of repair, however Theology is not a widely studied subject within the city. 

To this day many of the markets and caravans call these temples home, some are to long forgotten ancestors. Some have been sacked or destroyed, but the images of faith remain and those that call these temples home dare not disturb them. They may not remember the names of the Ancestors, yet still the fear of their wrath is at the fore of everyone's mind.

Rivenrock is also home to several notable Fae families, these families are highly regarded within Rivenrock for the products they are often able to procure. Over the centuries these Fae have risen to such prominence that they call the city keep home, and rank amongst the most respected of those that would offer advice and consul to the ruling house.

During the war with Demonfey, Rivenrock found itself beseiged, and eventually occupied. The Tarantulas led armies to the city in a bid to retake the city, however the Demonfey had lined the walls with residents of the city. Any attack against the city would result in huge casualties. 

The decision was put to the Dalharil of House Maelthra, the ruling house prior to the attack. The order was given for a brutal assault, without mercy. The resulting attack resulted in large casualites, but the city was reclaimed from the Demonfey. Many expected the remaining population to turn against House Maelthra for their actions, however the city rallied behind them, proud in the knowledge that the ruling household will accept no quarter and take any means to defend the liberties and beliefs of the city.

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