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The Guardian, an Elder Gazed Elf, who has been seen and noticed by the dragon who wants to hatch the Egg, killing all life on this plane. He blames the Ancestors for corrupting the Dragon and attacks using magical transport nodes that can be summoned using his mastery over ritual magics and allow him to move his summoned troops troops quick sly and silently. He has also demanded the destruction of the Dark Moon, but it is as yet unknown exactly why.


The Guardian previously had the Val'Sharess trapped by his magic and fighting for her life, protected only by Lolth herself, and had captured the Arc of Lolth from the faction to attack the Dark Pantheon directly as well as striking against the surface nations.


Recently he had gone quiet after his defeat at Do'Bluth at the spring Moot in 1113,  but his attacks began again at the Gathering of 1114, when he again used white pillars to attack the faction. 


The Guardians History

Detailed Documents on the Guardian including the threat he poses, his previous attacks against the Ancestors, and the rituals to imprison him and remove all knowledge of him to the Underdark.

Who is The Guardian?

Collected Information on the Guardian himself, his true name, his ancestry and his rise to infamy.

What the Guardian wants

The Guardians intentions for the whole of Erdreja.

How the Guardian can be defeated

How he was defeated and imprisoned previously, and what sacrifices may be required to do it again.

The Diary of the Council

The full story of the Guardian in great detail, a very weighty tome indeed.


The Guardians current activity

Information gained on the Guardian and his intentions, will be updated as more information becomes available

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