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Despite being a sister to Lothiriel, as well as her first paladin priestess, many believe Eilistraee abandoned the dark elves and as such for many years her worship was banned entirely.

There have been recent shifts that is making it more tolerable, however it is rare to find a follower of Eilistraee that will openly admit to the fact.

EilistraeeEilistraee, the "Dark Maiden," is the ancestor of the good Drow - those rare dark elves who yearn for a return to life in the surface Realms, an existence akin to that enjoyed by elves of the woodlands, left behind by the Drow long ago. She is also most importantly the sister of what is now known as Lolth, and most hated by her. Eilistraee sees the divide in her people, and wants nothing more than the destruction of the corrupted Lolth and the rebirth of her sister, Lothiriel. She believes that if Lothiriel is restored, the elves will unite once more and their song will be heard through the heartlands once more. 

Eilistraee is an ancestor of song and beauty, worshipped through song and dance - preferably in the surface world, under the stars of a moonlit night.

Eilistraee aids her faithful in hunting and sword craft, and worship of her is usually accompanied by feasting. Eilistraee has worshippers of human, elven, and in particular half-elven stock. She is usually seen only from afar, but her song (of unearthly beauty, driving many to tears) is heard whenever she appears.

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