Character Creator

Within the Lorien Trust system each character has 16 points to spend when creating their character. This calculator should make it easier to allocate your point spend across the various skills.

For full descriptions of the skills listed here please see the Rule Book available from

Please note: This is a guide only and is designed to provide an easy calculator for allocating skills against restrictions.

All weapons and shields must be easily wieldable by the child and must be no taller than them.
Remaining Points

Weapon Skills
Ambidexterity (2)
Large Weapon Use (2)
Projectile Weapon (4)
Shield Use (2)
Thrown Weapon (1)

Magic Skills
Healing 1(4)/2(8)/
Incantation 1(4)/2(8)/
Spellcasting 1(4)/2(8)/
Ritual 1(2)/2(4)/3(6)//
Contribute (1)
Power 4(2)/8(4)/12(6)/16(8)///
Invocation (3)

Armour Skills
Body Development 1(4)/2(8)/
Light Armour Use (2)
Medium Armour Use (3)
Heavy Armour Use (4)

Knowledge Skills
Potion Lore (3)
Poison Lore (4)
Cartography (1)
Sense Magic (1)
Evaluate (1)
Recognise Forgery (1)
Physician (2)
Bind Wounds (1)

New Player? Bonus Occupational Skills!

The Lorien Trust has recently started offering all new players a starting package of 50 OSPs to spend on a select number of Occupational Skills. These Occupational Skills are additional to your Character Skills, though many may rely on your chosen Character Skills. The skills points available for new players are only available when pre-booking for your first event with the Lorien Trust, and can not be banked for future use. You will however receive your 10 OSPs for attending each mainline event to spend in the future on skills available in the Occupational Skills Guide.

Remaining Points

Occupational SkillCost
+4 Spell Cards10
Apprentice (X)10
Armour Mastery20
Armoursmith Apprentice10
Bowyer Apprentice20
Cast High Counter Magic30
Conceal Item20
Contribute to Second Ritual10
Create Poison 120
Create Potion 120
Create Reagent10
Dedicated Follower30
Detect & Remove Beguile20
Discern Ancestral Being30
Discern Daemonic Being30
Discern Elemental Being30
Discern Pattern Type10
Discern Unliving30
Forensic Analysis30
General Knowledge (X)10
Hand of Nature20
Heal Alien/Abberant Pattern30
Herb Lore10
Occupational SkillCost
Immune to Disease30
Immune to Distract & Confusion30
Immune to Fear10
Immune to Fumble10
Immune to Lethal Alchemical Poisons40
Immune to Repel20
Last Rites10
Perform Transport Rite10
Quick Armour Repair10
Rite Master10
Scholar (X)20
Scribe Scroll20
Shield Mastery30
Sleepless Chanting20
Transcend Armour20
Translate Named Script10
Trap Lore30
Traverse Faction Wards30
Weaponsmith Apprentice10
Wedge Mastery10