No one quite knows where the Races of the Wee Folk seemed to emerge. A product of the earliest interbreeding between the Elder Races, or a magical people that came to Erdreja in later times. Whichever is the truth, the Wee Folk are known as a younger race, but with close ties to both the Fey and Elven peoples. What generally separates them though, is their complete fascination with the culture of humans.


With a slightly longer life-span than humans in general, but are far less numerous, the most known of these races are the Kender, who are the most interactive with humans. Kender have a reputation for a childlike attitude, and a kleptomaniac nature. In many of the Heartland cities, these creatures often suffer from prejudicial local laws that prevent them from entering, or gaining suitable employment. Due to prejudice, but also due to their inquisitive nature, Kender move about a lot and are quite nomadic.


Hobbits tend to live in burrows, but despite how this sounds they can be grand and impressive on the inside. Hobbits are much more refined and dignified than Kenders, they give a lot of importance to family and tradition. Hobbits tend to live in one place all their lives, possibly moving to the next burrow if the family is large, but often living in the ancestral family home. They often look down on Kenders as flighty and unreliable. They have traditional values of hard work and respectability.


Halfings are perhaps the most common of all of the Wee folk. They are occasionally mistaken for Elves, owing to their angular appearance, yet they tend to be shorter, and slightly more heavyset. Halfling communities are not common in the Heartlands, though it is believed that they were before the days of the Empire.


Most Wee Folk have pointed ears and tend to have a life span only slightly longer than that of humans. Some are known to live to around one hundred and twenty years of age.


Elemental Specifics

The pattern of the Halfling is tied to the Existence elements and their main association is Epidermis of the Outer Weave. Their racial affinity is to the fortune element, which ties them into the Feast Cadre. Their elemental mineral is Amethyst.

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