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The Nilbog are a form of halfling that are known to reside in the less populated areas of the Underdark, fearing large groups of people.

Most Nilbog fear combat, but make for excellent messengers, and have a nack for finding their way into any place, no matter how fortified.


Usually small in stature, skin tones tend to vary however often reflect earthy colours (greens/browns), likely to allow them to hide within the deep more easily. 

Past experiences would suggest that cleanliness is not high on their priorities, most typically appearing dishevelled.


In past dealings with the Nilbog they have been passive in almost all things. The Nilbog we have interacted with have been pacifists, terrified of any notion of being involved in open warfare.

They however a curious and resourceful race, they will find their ways into the most interesting situations and have a knack for recovering lost items/information. 


Very little is known about the structure of Nilbog society. 



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