Update: GEF 1113.

The Illithid race is not completely dead. Due the the nature of the Bank vault and it's ability to trap existance outside of Eredreja's influence, it is proven that at least one Mindflayer trapped in the bank has survived the last Cataclysm, as it visited the Great Erdrejan Fayre of 1113 in Gryphon lands. It did not appear to have lost any of its psionic powers during its imprisonment, nor has the recent changes to Erdreja's magic affected it, and it even demonstrated a previously-unseen ability to negate any magical enhancements anyone around it was carrying or had bestowed upon them (the exact scale of this power is undertermined as yet).

It is unknown where this creature headed to upon its relase, and more will be added as it is dicovered.


The Illithids

This now previously believed dead race were a powerful race in the underdark, strange humanoid beings with squid like tentacles on their faces and no visible mouths. Their skin colour was commonly varying shades of purple and green.

They used powerful Psionic abilities they natural possessed and trained. They could use illusion and mind scanning to assume the forms of other beings for infiltration purposes, mimicking their targets with uncanny accuracy.


A result of the last cataclysm, existence changed many things, amongst these changes the Illithids (mind flayers) race was changed or destroyed. Those Illithids who were shapeshifted into other forms of disguise were transformed into those races permanently, and theior powers transmuted into those of the Warlock. It seems that the rest of the race who were in their natural form were [all but one] wiped from existence, leaving their cities and slaves behind as the only evidence that they were here at all.

Illithid Culture

Assorted notes made by Amelia of Karrash-Morr

Illithid Clans:
Scar – Awaits
Cuth – Influencers
Cylis – Venerators
Drayuss – Nourishes
SST? – The possessors (controlling people)
Abyssal? – Dark experiments (blood and guts)
Hoth? – Research and development – The 'creatures' making new things, rituals, potions, surgery, magics and experimental learning/knowledge

Ilsensine – Illithid Ancestor, Dark Elf? Librarian of Theology, had the sword of the Librarian, disappeared in at ritual and was not heard of again, possibly went into the void?

A spectral Lord called Nauthesine was summoned by Illithids to defend the mine. It summoned four other powerful unliving. They held for some time, but were eventually overwhelmed.

The Illithids sealed up the southern tunnel to stop the thing that was killing Illithids. It took one Illithid ten weeks to put up the ward. Possibly the ward broke in the cataclysm, the Tarantula nation resealed it. (See The Aztar)

The ward was held together with a number of runes.

The Demon Risonyra was bound into the void rune. He was very fast and ran away a lot.

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