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Gloura are a specific subset of fae known to reside within the Underdark.


Like many fey they will have a 'glamour', the nature of this can vary wildly between individuals, however we have yet to meet a Gloura with anything that could be considered as a subtle Glamour.  


Irritating, to put it politely. Many would claim that the Gloura in general are not quite in their right mind, of course to apply this description to an entire race may be an exaggeration, but in this instance our interactions would suggest its accurate.

The Gloura are known to be extremely selfish, living purely the pursuit of every pleasure they can derive from life. They care little about the effects of their actions, or those that might suffer for their pursuit of joy.


The Gloura seem to avoid dealing with the Drow, and Tarantulas in general, and have little patience for any form of diplomacy.


Past history is unknown.

During 1117, due to an offence during diplomatic discussion the Gloura turned on the Tarantula Faction and put their support behind Satuun. The ambassador from the Gloura to the Tarantulas was executed and dedicated.

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