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The Aztar are race of Lizard Beastkin that were trapped in a mine in the Underdark near the City of Souls for an unknown length of time. Their imprisonment was achieved using powerful psionic magics that created a seal over the cave entrances but the Cataclysm of Fire and the destruction of psionics [as a result of the eradication of the Illithids] caused the seals to collapse, releasing them. Blaming the Tarantulas for their incarceration, the Aztar began to attack the factions forces in 1110, but over the course of roughly a year they were beaten down savagely, forced into retreat and went quiet.

The Guardian strikes at the Aztar

Since the Guardians release from his 'eternal imprisonment', his lust to conquer the whole of the Underdark has led him to try and appropriate the Aztar lands as well as those of the Tarantulas. At the faction meeting at the Grand Bizarre in the spring of 1112AF, representatives from the Aztar approached the Tarantulas under a banner of peace, realising that alone they stood no chance against the Guardians forces alone, they offered a near-unconditional surrender. The lone condition to this surrender was that the Aztar were allowed to align with the Tarantulas to fight the Guardians constructs, after that the promise was given that they would live alongside the their Tarantulan masters in peace.


At the Moot [1111] - we had another Aztar Trader come to camp. This should continue throughout the year - so those of you that are not used to their presence, be aware that they have been learning how to speak common with considerable input from the Wardens. - Ji'br'thk, Advisor to the Val'Sharess, on the Tarantulas Ley

Aztar resources

The Aztar's lengthy imprisonment in a mine did not go to waste. As a result, they have gone on to develop exceptional mining and crafting techniques, which they have offered to the Tarantulas, initially as gifts, but now for what they regard as a reasonable price in the fight against the guardian.

In addition - we have come to an agreement with the Aztar. They have extended their trading from the trinkets and small items from the Grand Bizzaire and the Moot to include Magical Crafted items from their Volcano forges and crafting workshops. These items are available for ordering by the Faction and we have a modest credit rating with them. The list is shown below and can be ordered by getting your request in to me by the 24th day of this month and they will be available for the GeF. Be aware that the items listed may be very limited in supply and it will be first come, first served. - Ji'br'thk, Advisor to the Val'Sharess, on the Tarantulas Ley

The Usurper-King

At the summer Moot 1112, the Fire Elemental Overlord of the Aztar; Irix came to speak with the Tarantulas. After a brief time of diplomacy, following plans made with the Aztar the Tarantula Nation destroyed the form of Irix, with a Rite performed by Raziel of the Wardens, tearing out his glowing essence and trapping it within a prepared vial.


At the Gathering of nations, this vial will be used in an elemental ritual, to bind it to Raziel himself, taking control of the Aztar nation and bringing its creatures and resources under the banner of the Tarantulan nation.



The Ritual at the Gathering 1112 was a success and Raziel and ther elemental forces of flame within Irix were united into a single entity; Razirix, Usurper King of the Aztar, ruler the Lizard kin and embodiment of their sacred flame.

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