Here you will find some of the more notable spoken phrases you may encounter amongst the Tarantula Nation. Much of Dark Elven can not be translated word for word, and rather you should read these as the intent of the phrase.


Dark Elven is usually written in the form of Runes required specific skills to read, however the verbal versions are regularly used and are detailed here.


Religious Uses

Lolth Ultrin Qua'Val'Sharess

This loosely translates as 'For Lolth, our supreme ancestral queen'

Lolth T'lu Malaar

This is the most common phrase heard, and is a 'Praise to Lolth'

Lolth Kyorl Dos

This is usually a blessing, although it can be a threat/warning. 'May Lolth watch you', intent is key here.

Avalla Lolth/Other Ancestor

This is a simple praise or glory to the named ancestor. It is rarely used in reference to Lolth however, and is commonly heard in use for other ancestors of the pantheon.



Its tough to translate directly into common, its along the lines of our most revered ancestral queen or 'queen of queens'. It is the title given solely to Lolth.



This is the most prominent title any member of the Underdark can be granted, it is the position of leadership - granted to our strongest and most noted individual, our Queen. Roughly translates as 'Mother (or Queen) of All'.



This title is given to those who lead a clan/house, in common its known as Matron Mother. 



This title is reserved for the Patron of a house



Priestess of Lolth


Jabbress & Jabbuk

This title means 'Master' (Female & Male respectively)



This is a generic honoured and respected title, think along the lines of noble.



It means 'King', though its only ever applied to other nations as a courtesy.



'Vendui': A formal greeting amongst nobles.
'Aluve': A formal goodbye

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