The Arcane, better known as Magic is the phenomenon of everything beyond the metaphysical. From the ability to conjure fire from ones fingertips, to healing a mortal would, to ritually raising or turning the dead, here we explore how this is possible and the different ways our realm can be moulded to suit our purposes.


1) Magic

Magic is the prime description for shaping the events around us, and there are 5 types of Magic users, each specialising in a different class of Magical knowledge. Whilst all have different priorities within their specialist fields, many would be unable to exist without the other types and may even rely on the others for their access to their power.


1.1) Spellcasting

Main Article: Spellcasters
The ability to use the ambient magical energies (Also known as the Void) to cast magical effects upon others and the world around d them. These are mostly based around enforcing the casters will upon others and the world and if used efficiently in combat can be devastating, even at its most basic level. With training, Spellcasters can also be attuned to cast Enchanting and Shadow magic spells.

1.2) Incantations

Main Article: Incantors
This type of magic is similar in many ways to the Spellcaster, however the energy is granted to them by their Ancestor, a deity-like entity that watches over them and any other followers. These magics primarily affect the body, in both its living and unliving states, but also grants the ability to pass power to others of the faith through a wedge, allowing an individuals strength to be bolstered through giving them the power to combat and dismiss summoned and unliving creatures far stronger than it could alone. As well as the standard Incantation list, this type of magic can also be gifted by Dark and Light Ancestors.

1.3) Channelling

Main Article: Channellers
This is a commonly known power, although is not technically magic. Channelling grants the ability to draw power from an alternate plane, usually the Plane of Life, and to utilise those energies to either heal or harm on a pattern-level, giving the caster the ability over life and death; to save a mortally wounded patient or to waste the pattern and extinguish its life even faster. Channelling can refer to both Healing and Corruption.

1.4) Ritualism

Main Article: Ritualists
The most powerful, but limited, form of magic is that of the Ritualist. Ritualists have the ability to weave the elements into complicated patterns and manipulate the very building blocks of life when within sacred sites known as Ritual Circles, and to perform magical Rites at other times to create other powerful effects. This is by far the most complicated and dangerous form of magic, but is also by far the most rewarding and addictive.

1.5) Summoners

Main Article: Summoners
A newly discovered form of magic since the recent catalysm, and regarded by many as an extension of the above styles, Summoning allows dominion over a specialist type of planar entity though Daemonology, Elementalism, Necromancy or Theology and grants the ability of control and healing towards creatures related to that those planes.

1.6) Psionics

Main Article: Illithids
There was once a 6th type of magic, Psionic, the silent magic of the mind. It is now believed that, since the recent Cataclysm of Fire, this magic type and its Illithid masters are now extinct.



2) The Elements

Main Articles: The Elemental Structure, The Elemental Weave
The core building blocks of the world that surrounds us, the 16 Elements are everything we can touch, see and sense, but also that which we cant, including all that influences us in our actions, our abilities and even our aging.

The Elemental Structure is a listing of the elements, and their componenets within the Dragons pattern

The Elemental Weave is a chart of how the various elements have dominion over others, and how best to use them to our advantage.

All ritualists and Elementalists of the faction are expected to have at least rudimentary knowledge of these principles.

2.1) The Balance

Main Article: Balance
Each set of elements is divided into four weaves of four elements. Within these weaves each element has an opposing force it exerts against, and within its weave of four it battles against the other three weaves for supremacy. This creates the Balance, the (in)stable world governed by these 16 forces in constant and unending battle.


2.2) The Cataclysm

Main Article: Cataclysm
When the Balance is no longer enough, and certain elements become too powerful, a Cataclysm occurs, where the four Cadres of Feast, Famine, War and Peace return to influence the elements and the balance in their favour and thus gain and advantage over Existence and Erdreja.


2.3) The Void

Main Article: Void
The Void is the nothingness that surrounds us. This magical vacuum fills the space between the Sun and Moon and the 16 elemental celestial bodies that surround the Egg. The Void is also the source of power for the Ritualists, and is it the direct manipulation of the Void energies that enables them to make such powerful changes to the world that surrounds them.
More information on the Void can be found in the Erdreja wing of the Library.


3) General Magical Research

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