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Resolutions - 5 - 7th April 2019

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:50 pm
by Solitaire
Twisted Tales LRP presents on behalf of the Tarantula Faction
"Just the Phylactery Ma'am"

"Tarantulas. We finally we have the opportunity to find Ky'leth's source of power and destroy it.

We do not know its location yet but when we do secure messengers will be dispatched to you

We have no idea what infernal traps and puzzles she will have used to protect it but we are sure there will be something devised by her twisted mind to protect her most precious possession.

We shall need those who fight both with their arms but also their wits as once our purpose is discovered we will surely have to fight her forces as well as defeat her puzzles and traps."

http://events.tarantulafaction.com/even ... ?EventID=8