This information is only a brief summary as supplied by the Lorien Trust guide. Whilst we work to expand the information here, we would welcome input from those within the Incantors Guild to help us give as accurate a description as possible

The Incantor’s Guild is the principal place of learning on the subjects of faith, ancestors and incantation.

The Guild is divided into three colleges dedicated to the separate disciplines of incantation. Each college holds a specific role based on the ancient ethos of the guild, originally devised by Shaol Mistrivven, prior to the Sundering.

The guild is driven by the desire to protect all ancestors, dark, light or indeterminate from any force which wishes to destroy what thousands of years of belief has created.

More recently the Groves of Incantation have appeared in each Faction’s land and they along with the mysterious Grove Wardens protect these place high in Faith.

The guild welcomes all sentient creatures of faith.

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