This information is only a brief summary as supplied by the Lorien Trust guide. Whilst we work to expand the information here, we would welcome input from those within the Alchemists Guild to help us give as accurate a description as possible

Alchemists GuildThe purpose of the Alchemists Guild is to facilitate the practice of alchemy, by spreading the knowledge of alchemy, maintaining a network training and production facilities, and supplying alchemical ingredients to guild members. The guild has achieved great success in spreading the knowledge of alchemy. However, we are conscious of the need to conserve supplies of alchemical ingredients, so do not be surprised if prices fluctuate from time to time; indeed, sometimes we may have to withhold the supply of some ingredients until supplies recover. We do somewhat regard ourselves as temporary custodians of our world.

Our network of alchemical labs is second to none, we will always strive to allow a guild member access to them. All that we ask is that you clear up after any explosions, always label any dangerous concoctions and do not pour your failed potions onto the herb garden.

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