This information is only a brief summary as supplied by the Lorien Trust guide. Whilst we work to expand the information here, we would welcome input from those within the Lions to help us give as accurate a description as possible

The Lions FactionThe Lions were once the rulers of Albion. Upon losing the Albion civil war to the Harts, the Lions were exiled to the dream realm of Avalon. They soon found themselves at war with the Nosta Kar, and upon realising that the war was lost; they abandoned Avalon, leaving only a small band of heroes known as the Gateguard to hold the line.

The Lions brought the historic Camelot through the Void and around it they raised the islands of Lantia, which is where they now reside. Truth, Honour and Justice are the cornerstones of their laws, their belief and their society. They fight for the right of the common man to live his life in peace. For these values the Lions will stand, against the ending of the world.

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