This information is only a brief summary as supplied by the Lorien Trust guide. Whilst we work to expand the information here, we would welcome input from those within the Jackals to help us give as accurate a description as possible

The nations of the Southlands have only recently united to bring their ways north, to interact within the nations of the Heartlands. These nations include the Aegyptians, with their strange rites and rituals, a dominant priesthood, a reverence of mummies and the noble dead. Arabians, who are learned men with great skill in astronomy, seekers of knowledge and great traders. Maurabians are of the deep desert, forged in the harsh and unremitting sun into great warriors. Nubians and wild orc tribesmen mainly come from the great plains. Graecians, the cultured democrats ready to fight if their freedoms are threatened.

All of these disparate people, and more, are brought together under the aegis of the Jackal faction, where the greatest of the Southlanders meet and mingle, united in the sight of the Ancestors, ready to bring the Southlands the fame and respect it deserves.

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