This information is only a brief summary as supplied by the Lorien Trust guide. Whilst we work to expand the information here, we would welcome input from those within the Gryphons to help us give as accurate a description as possible

The Gryphons FactionThe Gryphon faction is comprised of the allied monarchies of Lyonesse and Estragales, based to the south of the Heartlands. The mountainous island of Lyonesse lies west of the arable plains of Estragales. United under the ideals of the ancestor Charlemagne, the two monarchs delegate a hero from either nation to stand as Lord General to protect and guide the twinned nations under one banner. Despite the faction's vehement contempt for all aspects of Unlife, most other races are represented amongst the Gryphon populace; there is a mutual respect for the various cultures and creeds that constitute Gryphon society. Once the targets of the darker nations of the Heartlands due to the nation's stance against Unlife, the Gryphons otherwise sit diplomatically on the world's fence.


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