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The Dragons FactionThe Dragons are a Celtic faction, formed of an alliance of the Land of Cymrija and the Isle of Erin, each ruled by leaders chosen by ancient and often mythical ways. They have a reputation for song, celebration and reverence for the deeds of their heroes. They are a people of endless hospitality, honour and courage. Theirs is a tradition of tales and song told by mother to daughter, father to son and each looks for their place within those legends Often unpredictable and violent, they are however always loyal to their own especially in the face of any external threat to their brothers over the water. Faith and tradition are the two virtues a Dragon values above all.

There is a common saying amongst the Dragons. "The land is the people" To a Dragon the land is their most sacred possession and they will defend it beyond death with the help of their beloved ancestors, against any who threaten it. This ethos has been defended down the ages from the founding of the Dragons as "two peoples, one nation" through their war with the Empire, to their long battles with Balor and his hordes of Formor. From timeless Meath, capital city of Erin, and aged Gorsenydd, first city of Cymrija, to the blasted plains of Ulster and the terrible Ravenscar Woods, the deep mines of Mullingar and the lofty heights of the Dragon Spines, the Land of the Dragon is both dangerous and beautiful and the people who live there will strive to protect it no matter what. Their love of what their ancestors have gifted them drives their renowned loathing of unliving.

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