The Drow houseolds of the Tarantulas are made up from descendants of the 13 clans that chose to hold onto Lothiriels memory. Each household will, though may not be able to, trace their lineage to one of these clans. 

Over the many centuries since they first split into the Underdark, some clans have become all but extinct, but their memory lives on.


Illythiri Clans

Clan Cancarneyar

Founded by Lothiriel Cancarneyar

Clan Eclavadraar

Founded by Ergosal Eclavadraar

Clan Kirashaar

Most notably led by Kiransalee Kirashaar

Clan Mistrivven

Founded by Kadriel Mistrivven, later led by her husband Ineluki Mistrivven

Clan Aryvandaar

Founded by Skiasca Aryvandaar

Clan Kerithrion 

Founded by Lualyrr Kerithrion

Clan Aleval

Founded by J'Imasro Aleval

Miyeritari Clans

Clan Nimeson

Founded by Neeloc Raye Nimeson

Clan Riklaurin

Founded by Vhaerun Riklaurin

Clan Taurenean

Founded by Schandalun Taurenean

Clan Orishaar

Most notably jointly led by Selvetarm Cancarneyar and Eilistraee Cancarneyar

Aquillari Clans

Clan Faerondarl

Founded by Forbeo Faerondarl

Clan Keltormiir

Founded by Ma'Azabiir Keltormiir, notably led by Kanchelsis Keltormiir

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