The Tarantula Faction run a short newsletter that is released prior to events. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a brief amount of recent information about the faction. To try and leave intrigue within the game, we limit it to major information – the sort of things you might pick up in your classic table-top tavern scenario. Major leadership changes, wars, notable deaths, etc. We also try and include some “fluff” or flavour pieces, nonsense items just designed to give the world a little more scope than just what happens at events.

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Below follows the history of the year 1119 Third Founding

Research Article

The information contained in this article is the result of research done by players from within the Game World. The contents are only as factual as the original author intended and should not be unduly modified.


Congratulations, by some deed of politics, diplomacy or arms you have been granted an officer position in the Tarantulas faction. This document seeks to instruct you in the virtues, privileges and duties of a military officer in our glorious faction. May Araushnee guide your steps and bring you victory. 



K'lyth Mlezzir is a powerful Olog Lich that was previously in the service of Dracos.

Following the death of Dracos, K'lyth was discovered outside the City of Nakkiga. She had set up a home/shrine where she had taken to collecting a huge number of items that she had decided were of value. Many were little more than trinkets, some were powerful items of war. The only connection was that she had decided they were her "presents", although many had been taken from their corpses...

During that first meeting between K'lyth and the Tarantula Faction, it became apparent that her chaotic nature had been enraptured by Kiransalee. This chaotic nature is often described as psychotic. 

Due to her nature as a Lich, the faction was faced with a problem. Any attempt to kill her, would allow her to simply reform at her phylactery, and so finding that was a priority. In an attempt to distract her whilst our scouts worked, Malakai Mlezzir attempted to converse with her. However his efforts left the powerful Lich somewhat smitten with our Lord Arcane. 

This would have worked to our benefit had our scouts been able to location her phylactery, unfortunately she grew wise to the efforts to distract her and allowed herself to be killed, and as such instantly ambushed our scouts. Unfortunately, she didnt attribute this act as being anything to do with Malakai, as such her desire became a continued problem. It is not currently known where her phylactery is stored, however we believe it is hidden somewhere other than her own home island of "K'yltheria" in the Glimmersea.

The Wedding of Malakai and K'lyth Mlezzir

Her desire came to a head at the Gathering of Nation's 1116 when K'lyth decided she was to wed Malakai. With her phylactery hidden, and no way to absorb the sheer power she can deliver, there was no option but to play along. 

The magical ceremony was officiated by Seneschal Morgullion (who was under K'lyth's control at the time), whilst the floral arrangements were organised by Briseis Maelthra. The wedding itself, and the entertainment, was organised by Malakai, in an attempt to placate his soon to be bride. 

The day was complicated further with the arrival of several of K'lyths guests, who unfortunately brought with them rather sizable numbers of powerful unliving just itching for a fight. Luckily for us all, one of them accidentally hit the blushing groom, at which point the newly wed K'ylth Mlezzir took offence to other people trying to play with "HER Malakai".

Research Article

The information contained in this article is the result of research done by players from within the Game World. The contents are only as factual as the original author intended and should not be unduly modified.

When defending a temporary camp that has come under siege.

(Such as surface visits)


Being pinned into a small space negates much of our scouting. So we need to be very pro-active here to make sure we know as much about what's happening as we can.
We need scouts outside the camp to be able to warn us of any mass troop movements towards us, and then stay outside to warn us of reinforcements.

Once under siege, we need eyes constantly on the walls. There will be surprise attacks, not to the overwhelming standards of the Tarantulas, but there will be people coming over the walls and we need to know as soon as they do. ((10 seconds to shout the warning and get someone there to react to it, before they're safely in and causing damage))


The gatehouse is where the main muscle will try and break in. Under no circumstances can this be allowed to happen. The gates themselves will not hold long and merely buy time for us to get into position. The main defense comes from the shields. They need to counter crush, shatter, fumble, mass fear, everything that can be used to try and break them apart.
They will need a very solid group of mages and healers backing them up to make sure the shields and the fighters are kept in good shape.
Make sure that people know their roles, if all those able start casting Rally ((healing 2)) it will be a rapid waste of power, nominate for special roles.
Siege is a matter of time, so as defenders start to tire, they will need to be replaced. The gatehouse is only four to five people wide. So don't be in a rush to get in and hit someone, your chance will come to be swapped in.
Those not in the fight, be ready at the sides to slide in and keep the fighters fresh. The enemy will only have four to five wide fighting, and hundreds of people getting bored. If they get bored and leave because they can't break us, the siege is over and we win.

While the main fighting is at the gatehouse, at least one self sufficient unit inside the camp has other duties.
As soon as a scout reports an attempt to breach our walls, this roving unit goes to attack.


If half a dozen scouts come over/through the walls, one unit of warriors/healers/mages can deal with them. If everyone looking for some action rushes over then the gatehouse will lose it's vital support roles and reinforcements.
Scout attacks over the walls are to cause confusion, damage, and panic, hopefully to weaken the gatehouse defense.

To recap...
Scouts call a warning (in this case most likely non-com's positioned around the camp)

Roving unit reacts

IF roving unit cannot deal with the attack THEY will call for reinforcements.

In case of simultaneous attacks over the wall a backup roving group will be dispatched.


Best defense is a good offense and all that...

A preferable situation would be that as soon as forward scouts report a movement of troops towards us, certain groups (you know who you are), will leave the faction camp and hide outside of the battle, free to do what they do best without being confined to the camp.

If that is not possible, then we need to sally out from the camp.
This can either be a rapid charge to do minimal damage, cause confusion, and then return to the safety of the camp, or a case of sneaking out unseen, and biding time for the perfect opportunity.

In a perfect battle, the sallying troops outside the camp could attack the enemy in perfect timing with the gate defenders pushing out, moving the fight into the open and then ending with a rout of the enemy.
More likely we defend until the siege is broken by boredom or the arrival of allies.

In summary, like any other battle. know your place, do your job, have more patience than the enemy.





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