Incantations are the power of the Ancestors, as handed down to the faithful. First used by the Dark Elves at the end of the Reverie, this form of magic uses the Ancestors power to influence the target directly. Much debate has been put into whether the Ancestral magics are elemental or not, but there is no denying its power can be equal to that of the Mage, although the costs can be far higher.

The Tarantulas Faction is known as the Ancestral faction, at the time of the Sundering, it was the Dark Elves who guarded over the knowledge of Incantation magic whilst the surface realm eradicated the knowledge of the Ancestors leaving the Drow to return the Ancestors to their rightful place shortly after the Gathering agreement was created in the early 1090s.

Standard Incantation is based upon beneficial affect to life and the body, comprising of healing and defence spells, but it also has powerful dominion over Unliving, and groups of worshippers together can combine their magic to overcome even the darkest of Unliving threats.


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The Ancestors are, in purely thaumaturgical terms, the conduit through which Incantors draw their power. Brought into essence by an intense emotional connection, the conduit can be anything from a fallen loved one (Lolthiriel), a great leader (Kanchelsis) or a the creator of a now-lost race (Ilsencene), or it can be an famous individual such as the late Prince Bishop Lemming of the Lions.

Many hold their Ancestor in such reverence that they will lay down their lives to defend them, and there have been many wars and much bloodshed over a nations, or an individuals belief but be tbey Light, Dark or 'Grey' it is obvious that no two Ancestors are alike, but neither are two followers of the same Ancestor.


The ability to 'Dismiss' is a power unique to Incantors that targets Unliving and Planar creatures, considered are 'alien' to Erdreja. The exact method for how it works is yet to be discovered, but in all cases the target of the dismissal instantly disappears, removing them as a threat.

It is yet to be determined if the Incantors magic actually transports the target back whole or if the severing of its ties to this plane merely catapults it back to its original home; be it the Plane of Unlife, Dark Spirits, Ancestors or specific element, but the result is still the same: The target is banished, along with any held items and equipment, and cannot return until it is re-summoned.


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