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The Arc of LolthWhilst many Ancestors have an associated order of Paladins, those that would serve and defend their ancestor in a wholly unmatched manner, few are as well known or as long lived as the Order of Lolth.

The Order of Lolth serve as both one of the Underdark's principle military forces, and as a source of education, ensuring all those whom owe their loyalty to Lolth remember their origins. 

Originally founed by T'Brinn Al'tath the Order spent it's early days encouraging the faith and worship of Lothiriel. They were key in rallying people to the faith and renewing their dedication to the cause during the Sundering Wars. However the Order was also responsible for one of the darkest period of Drow history; A paladin known as Triss Kerithrion led the Order into a period known as The Purge, during which the worship of the individual aspects of Lolth (including Lothiriel) as well as the other Ancestors of the Dark Elves was outlawed. The Order spent many years hunting down and executing these heretic's, an act which only expediated the growing schisms between the clans.

Whilst the current incarnation of the Order of Lolth continues with the traditions structure laid out from the early formation of the Order, they have become more accepting of other races into the Order of Lolth, and the strict edicts laid down by Triss Kerithrion that led to the purge of non-Lolth worshippers throughout the Underdark is no longer held to as law. However, within the Order there is only Lolth, and the Order will push (rightly so) that Lolth is above all others within the faction.

The most important detail of the Order of Lolth, in all it's incarnations, is who they swear their loyalty to... The Throne of Telantiwar. This was a promise to serve the current leader of the Dark Elven people, however, since the beginning of the Third Age, the Throne of Telantiwar has sat vacant. Whilst the Order of Lolth will follow the instruction and wisdom of the current Val'sharess - their oath, bound by Lolth, does not swear them to her service.


The Paladin Order of Lolth is led by its High Priestess and Head Paladin. The High Priestess is almost outside and aside of the Order, and does not necessarily have to be a Paladin.

Somewhere in between these two roles, is typically a Paladin Ritualist. Not a strict rank per se, its an honorary traditional role that hearkens back to Rael Mistrivvens ritual creation of the Paladin Codex.

Leading the Paladin's themselves, are 8 Champions (one of which will be the Head Paladin). Each Champion will have sworn a promise to a particular aspect of Lolth, their Oath binding them to their service and to ensure their unique wisdom is spread.

Below the Champions are the Paladins. Whilst technically of equal rank to the Champions, their greater bond to Lolth and experience usually sets them apart. Each Paladin will have spent a year as an Acoloyte, being mentored by the sponsor Paladin. At the end of this year, the Acoloyte must prove to the Order that they are fit to take up the title of Paladin of Lolth. 

At the lowest end of the Order of Lolth are the Aspirant's. These aspiring members of the Order do not require a sponsor, nor are they held to the same standards. There are many aspirants, with most fulfilling meanial duties on behalf of the Order with most happy to be of service to Lolths children. An Aspirant will also not benefit from the ranks and honours that accompany most Paladins and Acoloytes on their journeys.

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