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The history and depth of the Lorien Trust is one of our best selling points, and we would love to be able to keep a little history alive here

JlmasroJ'Imasro teaches followers to seek pleasure in every experience. By exploring all aspects of ourselves, we can grow and become strong. He demands that his followers complete every task with fever, seeking to try new ways to reach their goals. He encourages the use of potions and other substances to break free from reason to achieve a wider view of the world, and as such his followers are often looked upon as sick or mad, that said, they are an invaluable resource when presented with a problem, as they are able to see angles others cannot.


J'Imasro appears to his followers as an unkempt Elven male in brightly coloured robes, he speaks in riddles and half truths, preferring to see his followers find the answer.

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