1. Chanelling
2. Plane of Life/Unlife
2.1. Power
3. Pattern
4. Healing
4.1. First Tier
4.2. Second Tier
4.3. Highest Tier
4.3.1. Source of Life
4.3.2. Physicians
4.4. Curses
5. Corruption
5.1. First Tier 
5.2. Second Tier
5.3. Highest Tier
6. Summoning
6.1. Necromancy
6.2. Elementalism
7. The Healers Guild
8. The Corruptors Guild
9. Research


1) Channelling

Channelling is the skill of transferring power from one plane to another. This skill is woven into the very nature of the person, and allows them to draw power from the planes of life or unlife, channelling it through themselves to either help another or cause great damage to their enemies.

The channellers link to these planes alters how the see a person, enabling them to witness and examine a persons pattern. With training they can see further detail, learn what the threads of the pattern mean and can do.


2) The Planes of Life/Unlife

Main Articles: [[Plane of Life]] and [[Plane of Unlife]]

The plane of life is the source of all living energy, and is responsible for the initial spark that starts all patterns turning. The energy contained there is however, rather ironically, quite lethal. The energy of the plane of life is far too great for a living pattern to withstand, and the pattern will unravel and be returned to the plane of life, and will be used to create new life in its stead.

Created by the tying of Evron's Knot and between the plane of life and the plane of death, the domain of Satuun lies. The Unliving planes are where the Patterns of the Undead are trapped between living and dead states, cursed to serve Evron for eternity. All Unliving power began in this realm and, due to the last cataclysm adding Unliving as part of the weave, its presence has become far more noticeable.


2.1) 'Channelling' Power

Main Articles: [[Plane of Life]] and [[Plane of Unlife]]

The power a Channeller draws on comes straight from the Planes of Life or Unlife. A living being can channel either, however an unliving pattern can no longer draw on the planes of life. The two energies are quite opposite to each other and cause massive destruction when allowed to interact.

Although they channel the power directly, there is an ultimate limit to what can be drawn. The persons pattern can only allow so much energy to pass through them before needing to rest. Although with training and skill greater amounts of power can be channelled in one go, as well as over all.

3) The Pattern

Main Article: [[Pattern]]

Every living, and unliving person, animal, and or other being has a pattern. Within the pattern are 16 threads within four weaves and the arrangement and interaction of these weaves is crucial to what makes a being. The Weave most prominent determines the racial group, and the most prominent element within the weave will determine the race (though many other elements will affect eventual appearance and so forth).


4) Healing

Main Article: [[Healing]]

In recent years our most prominent healers have started to each unified ideas of how a combat healer should work in battle. This ideas have been compiled for easy reading here.
* [[School of Lobos]]
* [[School of Marcus]]


4.1) First Tier

Heal Wound (Chant)

Purge Poison (Instant)
Remove Disease (Instant)
Remove Fear (10s Cast)
Remove Paralysis (Instant)

4.2) Second Tier
Aura of Defence (Self, 10s)
Free Mind (Instant)
Heal Fatal Wound (10s Cast)
Purge All Poisons (Instant)
Remove Decay (Instant)

4.3) Highest Tier
Endurance (Instant, till Dawn)
Shield from Corruption (10m)
Rally (Chant)
Total Heal (10s Cast)

4.3.1) Source of Life
The source of life is a gift granted only to the very best healers. They are permitted to drink a tiny amount of the source of life. A large quantity would cause too much life energy to pass through and unravel the pattern.

This small amount however, allows them to cast powerful spells with only the slightest of drain on the power.

It is however, a very rare gift indeed.

4.3.2) Physicians
A physician can see the pattern as any other channeller, however learn to 'fix' injuries. Instead of applying life energy they can use bandages and other tools to restore the person.

4.4) Curses.
Main Article: Curses

A new phenomena arising since the last Cataclysm, deadly curses have begun to appear that can be extremely terminal. At the Summer Moot 1114 Lord Oromath, one fo the Valsharesses own advisirs was slain by a curse known only as 'Doom', and much time has been spent to track down the details of any that are known. Known curses include;

Doom - Death in 2 minutes
Redemption - Slays unliving in 2 minutes.;
Necromantic Blight - Kills and raises a victim
Corrupted Roots - IKills with a corrupted tree root.
Skaven Scabies - Deadly Beastkin disease
'Pre-cataclysm' Decay - Very nasty.
Ignorance - Strips the victim of all learned skils.

5) Corruption

Main Article: [[Corruption]]

5.1) First Tier
Attract Unliving
Control Unliving
Detect Unliving
Repair Unliving

5.2) Second Tier
Cause Disease
Cause Paralysis
Chant of Wasting
Halt Unliving
Weapon of Cold

5.3) Highest Tier
Cause Fatal Wound
Embody Unliving
High Control Unliving
Mass Fear

5.3.1) Source of Unlife
This works in much the same way as the source of life, in that those that have access to the source of unlife energy can easily tap into the power to repair an entire unliving being with the simplest of power.

5.3.2) Mortician
In much the same way as a physician can learn to repair injuries to a living pattern, a mortician can do the same for unliving, without the expenditure of power.

6) Summoning

Main Article: [[Summoners]]

There are only two routes open to Chanellers. Those with a knowledge of life can learn to summon Elemental creatures, and those that are breathing-impaired can learn the art of Necromancy

6.1) Necromancy

Main Article: [[Necromancy]]
First Tier
Control Unliving

Second Tier
Full Repair Unliving Location

Third Tier
High Control Unliving

6.2) Elementalism

Main Article: [[Elementalism]]
First Tier
Control Elemental

Second Tier
Full Cure Elemental Location

Third Tier
High Control Elemental

7) The Healers Guild

Main Article: [[Healers Guild]]
This guild caters for all Living members of Erdreja and features a collection of Healers of various skills and abilities (Note: The plural for Healers is a Panic. e.g. The Healers Guild is made up of a Panic of Healers)

8) The Corruptors Guild

Main Article: [[Corruptors Guild]]
This guild caters for all unliving members of Erdreja and features a collection of Corruptors of various skills and abilities

9) Research

Associated and uncategorised research
* [[pattern|How the Pattern is comprised of the 16 Elements]] - Marcus Lehn
* [[school_of_marcus|The Teachings of Marcus Lehn]] - Marcus Lehn
* [[life_v_unlife|When Experiments go Wrong, or Life vs Unlife]] - By Rathenn D 'Abo of Teutonia
* [[specialpatterns|Patterns that are a little different]] - Marcus Lehn
* ((file:artofchanelling|Art of Channelling))- Frantica Karrash-Morr

Further research on Chanelling can also be found in the [[Healers Guild]] pages.