Summoning Magic

Summoning is a trained skill that can only be learned by power users.
Requiring dedication, skill and patience, summoning is a dangerous art but the end result can be very advantageous in the right circumstances, especially in the Ritual Circle. 
Summoning grants limited dominion over an aspect of the 4 [[Planar]] races, and allows the practitioner to summon a creature of their speciality to them and control it within the sealed circle, or to control and heal one that is already on the Living Plane.
The Four Summoning Disciplines
Summoners specialise in a particular type of Planar creature to control and manipulate. Whilst not technically a Planar race, [[Unliving]], drawn as they are from the [[Plane of Unlife]], are considered 'planar' as they are still summoned from a place outside of Erdreja herself. More information and discipline-related research can can be found on the main page for each summoning type listed below.
The four summoning disciplines are:


Main Article: Necromancy
The ability to summon and control the [[Unliving]] from the [[Plane of Unlife]]. This discipline can be learned by Corruptors, Shadow Mages and Dark Incantors.


Main Article: Elementalism
The ability to summon and control [[Elementals]] from their home [[elemental_planes|Elemental Planes]]. This discipline can be learned by Healers, Mages and Light Incantors.


Main Article: [[Daemonology]]
The ability to summon and control daemons from the [[Daemonic Planes]], including  the [[plane_of_dark_spirits|Plane of Dark Spirits]] bind them to your will. This is a Spellcasting-specific ability.


Main Article: Theology
The ability to summon servants of the Ancestors from the [[ancestral_plane|Ancestral Planes]], be they [[Ancestrals]] or Archons, and control them. This is an Incantation-specific discipline.

Associated Research

[[the_summoning_arts|The Summoning Arts]] - by Boris Von Kaiserstein