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Races of the Underdark

The Underdark has a rich multi-racial culture, featuring many of the races available to play under the Lorien Trust Rule system.

Below you will find overviews of those most commonly played within the Tarantulas, however this does not rule out playing any other race but it may mean having to think carefully about why your character chose to make its home in the Underdark, if you want to discuss your ideas please feel free to use the forums to discuss them with are current players and Plot Team.



Elves are one of the 4 Elder Races of Erdreja, created by the dragons in an attempt to hatch the unborn egg (Erdreja). Since the dragons abandoned their attempts, the Elves have made their own way, not always successfully. Elves are few and far between in the Underdark, because of the events of the Sundering and the transformation living in the Underdark wrought on those that did.

Playing an Elf would require a reason for migrating into the Underdark and not being killed by the Drow or a background agreed with Tarantula Plot, as to why your ancestors weren't transformed into Drow.

Playing Notes - It might sound obvious, but Elves are recognisable by their pointy ears. They are haughty and arrogant, often believing themselves superior to all younger races and humans


Dark Elves

Dark Elves are a younger race, descended from the Elves. The only difference between Elves and Dark Elves is that your ancestors sided with the Incantors of Duanrahel during the Sundering. During the fall of Duanrahel, they either fled across the surface and went into hiding or descended into the Underdark. Dark Elves are also recognisable by their pointy ears.

Playing Notes - Dark Elves do not consider themselves a younger race and share the Elves arrogance and superiority. They are however more common in the Underdark.



Drow are a younger race, descended from the Dark Elves. They are the most numerous and dominant race of the Underdark. When the Dark Elves took up residence in the Underdark, a great sickness decimated their numbers. They were transformed into their current form by the powerful rituals undertaken by Lolth, with the aid of Satuun, to cure the disease. Every Drow house can trace its lineage back to one of the original 13 Clans, although a house may be several branches removed from the original house.

Playing Notes - Create yourself a house and background, submit it to the plot team and we will slot your house into the clan structure appropriately. Please do not claim to come from an existing house without the permission of the plot team and the players, who originally created that house. Drow houses are traditionally lead by a female with the title of Illharess. Whilst this does not have to be the case, you will suffer from a much lower standing amongst the Drow Houses as a result. Drow are black skinned with pointy ears. White hair is common, but not universal. Drow do not consider themselves a younger race and share the Elves arrogance and superiority. 



Norns are a younger race, descended from the Elves. Prior to the rituals, which created the Drow, they split from the Dark Elves, choosing to live on the surface in icy wastes of the far north. They subsequently re-entered the Underdark and occupy the northern areas of the Underdark.

Playing Notes - Norn are pale white skinned with pointy ears. Norn do not consider themselves a younger race and share the Elves arrogance and superiority. 



Drueggar are the dwarves of the Underdark. Long ago, they will have left their life on the surface in search of the fabulous metals of the Underdark, where you and your ancestors will have lived and mined ever since. Whilst Drueggar are respected from their mining and crafting skills, they typically hold no political sway.

Playing Notes - Play Drueggar, if you have no real ambitions for power, but want to avoid the lowly status attributed to many of the other races of the Underdark. Create a clan and submit your background to the plot team, who will slot you into Tarantulan society. Drueggar are stocky, ideally with beards and live for mining, smithing and beer.


Uruks/Ologs (Greenskins) 

Uruks/Ologs were for the most part originally brought down into the Underdark as slaves and many remain slaves to this day. If you wish to play a greenskin, this could be as an individual within a house, whose exceptional talents have merited their inclusion in the party travelling to the surface gatherings or as a group, whose ancestors escaped their Drow masters and have managed to survive as a clan ever since.

Playing Notes - Expect to be looked down upon by the Drow/Elves/Norns, but have your own pride, after all your abilities got you where you are now. Most Erdrejans have certain expectations of all things green and this may allow you certain leeway with behaviours that might not be tolerated from other races. Greenskins are green/brown, may have pointy ears/extended noses/prominent jaws etc and will generally wear rags, furs and leathers. If creating your own background, please submit it to the plot team and we'll add it to Tarantulan society.



Beastkin are a younger race, descended from the Fey. Your affinity would need to be with a creature at home hunting in the Caverns of the Underdark and for whatever reason you have chosen to make your home here. You could either be associated with one of the Drow Houses or a free roving pack.

Playing Notes - Use your strength and cunning to earn respect. Create a background and submit it to the plot team.  Beastkin will usually require facepaint, masks or other prosethetics and are known to frequently wear furs.



Humans arrived on Erdreja from another world and as a result are considered neither elder nor younger race, but are instead existential. You will either have entered the Underdark as a slave or have fled the surface world as part of large group, because after all things couldn't be worse down there, could they? Humans are the lowest of the low in the Underdark and only through exceptional talent or ability do they survive at all.

Playing Notes - There is nothing distinctive about humans. Within the Tarantulas humans are considered the lowest of the low and you may experience some negativity playing as a human.